Felidae Software

Pragmatic Software

Computers are in our TV, phones, glasses, pockets....toasters....
The worst part is how often they refuse 
to do what we want. 

Pragmatic software is about making our computers do
what we want it to do, how we want to do it.

Do the job that's in front of us.

FelidaeSoftware is just getting started...please be patient.

We have free software available for anyone to use.  Our center of attention will be educational and games, but we will always be available to create custom software on demand.  Our targets are Windows, Linux, and Android computers and devices.  MacOS will come soon enough, but they charge way too much for the priviledge.  

  1. Educational - Software to assist in teaching.  Mathmatical drills, vocabulary, etc.

  2. Utilities - The greatest use of computers is to do large repeatable jobs quickly.  Utilities will allow you to finish work faster, more accurately, and most importantly, easy.
  3. Documentation - Expressing your words is more important than ever; web pages, print, blogs, etc.  We are passionate about that.
  4. Games - All of us are fans of games; we will share our interest in games.

  5. Cats - We love cats.  It's all in the name.  I'm positive my cat could use a browser.  Somebody ordered those fake mice....


Email: NA@felidaesoftware.com 

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